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This is just a little something I came up with… I’m sorry I didn’t make it on time, I’m one day late, please forgive me, I was trying to surprise you, but this thing took ages orz ok, so I wanted to tell you that you’re really important to me, but I thought these words would be just words… I also wanted to thank you for being the beautiful person you are inside and out, if I may :9, thank you for crying with me, thank you for being an amazing friend… Anyone who has your friendship should be lucky and that’s how I feel: lucky to have you in my life. And anyone who happens to dislike you should be kicked in the balls or vagina. GEEZ THIS SHOULD BE A BIRTHDAY MESSAGE IDK, JFC I mean you’re really cute and adorable and I’m crying idk KLASDJKLASH srsly I just don’t have words to describe how great you are and I’m really happy that I met you! You’re awesome! And you should know that I love you with all my heart and I’ll be by your side everytime you need me. I love you, Pam ♥
Happy Birthday! May all your wet dreams come true. I mean… If Minato fails at loving and taking care of you, I’ll kick him, it doesn’t matter if he’s my father-in-law ok bye.

damn it, Saskey, now is not the time…

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